Writing the City is a literary arts platform created by the British Council Singapore. With a focus on writing inspired by city life, the project supports a community of new, emerging and established writers who share their work, give and receive feedback, and get invaluable opportunities to take their writing forward. Don't miss our stunning collection of films starring some of Singapore's most intriguing writers - Amanda Lee Koe, Latha, Han Han, Hassan Hasaa'Ree Ali, Madeleine Lee and Troy Chin - along with UK's  Bernadine Evaristo.  In collaboration with artists Benjamin Ong, Brandon Tay, Clogtwo, FROMPAMM, Jillyn Koh, Kiat, Nick Chan, TMRRW and Untitled Project.

"The British Council’s work draws on the UK’s strengths in creativity and the power of the arts to bring people together and build trust between them. Through collaborations between UK and Singaporean organisations, we provide opportunities for the exchange of knowledge and for the development of skills and new work." - Sarah Meisch Lionette, PhD, Director Arts, British Council Singapore

"Six writers. Six unique ways of seeing the world. Six distinctly Singaporean identities. These short films from Writing the City aim to capture the creativity, diversity and originality that distinguishes the best of Singaporean writing right now. From poetry to prose and comic panels, in English, Tamil, Malay and Chinese, together they comprise a unique Southeast Asian mosaic. We hope that you enjoy them." - Melissa de Villiers, Consultant, Writing the City

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Bernardine's work is characterised by experimentation, daring, and turning myths about identity on their heads. She has won several awards, her books have been a Notable Book of the Year 13 times in British newspapers and The Emperor’s Babe was a Times Book of the Decade. She has also judged many literary awards including the National Poetry Competition, TS Eliot Prize, Orange First Novel Award and the Next Generation Poet’s List.